1. Mediation

    Judgments in contentious disputes which satisfy all parties and create no losers are unfortunately rare. Typical German litigation needs time and hardens parties‘ positions. In many cases where a quick and effective dispute resolution is needed, formal legal actions at German law courts offer no option.

    Mediation is a relatively new form of alternative dispute resolution in Germany which gives a real alternative to litigation.

    Heupgen focuses on this new instrument. We can provide you with well-educated and skilled mediators.


  2. mediation (lat. origin) according to the German Mediation
    Act is ...

    an extrajudicial, non-public method of constructive conflict resolution in which the parties supported by a strongly neutral mediator negotiate a common position which suits both parties’ needs and interests

    a modern, professional, quick, cost-effective and non-bureaucratic procedure to find solutions for conflicts

    a new culture of conflict resolution: mutual benefit instead of everybody‘s damage characterized by non-partisan attitude, confidentiality and acceptability by all parties involved


    your contact:

    Attorney-at-Law Jens Heupgen, business mediator

    Attorney-at-Law Brigitte Heupgen, mediator

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